OSP Civils Works Project Specialist Course

The primary focus of this course is to provide a comprehensive coverage of the best practices for the deployment of optical communication networks.

Trenching, duct installation, air-assisted installation practices, hauling, aerial work practices, and much more is taught with lots of hands-on practice.

Comprehensive hands-on activities and the underlying theory are combined to provide a firm understanding of the concepts underpinning the deployment of optical communication networks.

Also provided is coverage on wayleave applications, health and safety guidelines and environmental management.

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Carrier Ethernet Basic Training

The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Carrier Ethernet Basic Training is a one-day course covering the most important aspects of packet-based Local and Wide Area Networking technologies, terminology and protocols.

The course is a comprehensive introduction to modern networking and Carrier Ethernet technologies, and provides a solid technical foundation for students that wish to follow with the Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp course.

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Introduction to FTTx

This introduction course features 14 hours of classroom lectures with an experienced FTTx facilitator. Attendees will gain a broad base of knowledge and familiarity with FTTx architecture, network design, deployment technology, and some operational skills.

This Introduction Course is intended for network designers, network planners, supervisors and project managers that will be involved in deploying and maintaining FTTH and FTTB networks.

FTTh Professional Training Course (E.Africa)

This FTTh Professional Course provides a comprehensive overview focused on knowledge and understanding of Industry Standards and Best Practices including methodologies used to design, build, operate and evolve a Fibre Access Networks to serve a multitude of capabilities for residential markets, corporate markets and Wireless networks. Both PON and P2P architectures are reviewed in detail.

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FTTh Technical Specialist Training Course (E.Africa)

This course is offered as a supplement to FTTh Professional Training Course (please see above) and has been tailored for Engineers and Technicians. It provides “hands-on” practical understanding of Fibre Access network elements and components starting at the Central Office(CO) / Head End (HE), through the Outside Plant (OSP), ending and including the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) for both PONand P2P architectures.

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