Carrier Ethernet Basic Training

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The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s Carrier Ethernet Basic Training is a one-day course covering the most important aspects of packet-based Local and Wide Area Networking technologies, terminology and protocols.

The course is a comprehensive introduction to modern networking and Carrier Ethernet technologies, and provides a solid technical foundation for students that wish to follow with the Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp course.

Fundamentals of Modern Data Communications
– The evolution of the circuit-switched telephone network
– Data networking and the beginnings of the Internet

Local Area Networking Technologies and Applications
– The innovation of Ethernet – 10Mbs shared media to Gigabit switched connections
– Understanding applications and implementations of Ethernet based LANs

Wide Area Networking for LAN Interconnection Technologies
– Using TDM voice services for LAN interconnections
– T1 Dedicated Leased Lines
– Fractional T1 Frame Relay circuits
– IP-Virtual Private Networking

Carrier Ethernet Fundamentals
– Using Ethernet for Ethernet LAN interconnections
– Point-to-point interconnections with Ethernet E-Line services
– Multi-point interconnections with Ethernet E-LAN services
– MEF service definitions and services attributes
– Popular applications for Carrier Ethernet services
– Mobile Backhaul
– Cloud Interconnect
– Business services

The Carrier Ethernet Value Proposition
– Understanding the Market for Carrier Ethernet Services
– Applications and Opportunities for Selling Carrier Ethernet

The Metro Ethernet Forum
– Defining the next generation of telecommunications services
– E-Line, E-LAN and E-Tree services
– The MEF defined User-Network-Interface
– What’s next – how to prepare for the MEF-CECP exam




1 day (08h30 – 17h00)


$300 USD (including all course material)


Should you have any questions about the course content, please feel free to contact:

Nadia Genis
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 326 4990


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